Tuberose Absolute, India

Polianthus tuberosa

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Product Description Tuberose Absolute Polianthus tuberosa Indian origin (Tamil Nadu) Tuberose is one of the most intense, assertive and important florals you c…
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latin-name: Polianthus tuberosa
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Product Description

Tuberose Absolute

Polianthus tuberosa

Indian origin (Tamil Nadu)

Tuberose is one of the most intense, assertive and important florals you can find in a bottle. We’ve got two, and they are really different oils.

Tuberose absolute is more known, and all information regarding its use in perfumery is based on this very strong oil. This Tuberose absolute is made from the concrete. It can take 1200 kilo of tuberose flowers to make 200 grams of the absolute.

Sophy Chen
Sonnet 3 Tuberose

As I was young my mom planted some flowers
In front of our old wooden house in springs
In my memory they were peony, China rose…
But what I loved the most was the tuberose

In summer night it's a nice time to me
You could sit in yard to listen the night birds
Singing on cliffs, insects singing in bushes
And look at the moon moving in night skies

However, while your heart was beating at pace
With insects singing and in the sudden
From nowhere floating the rays of fragrance
In the moon a bunch of tuberose blossoms

As these flowers always bloom in moon nights
Your great poem may be living in its fragrance

2010 Guangzhou, China

On to Arctander:

The tuberose plant is a tender, tall, slim perennial, a native of Central America where wild growing species can be found. It’s name refers to its bulb, although it’s not really technically a tuber in botanical terms. And it has nothing to do with roses. Tuberose is related to Narcissus and Jonquil.

Tuberose absolute from concrete is a dark orange to brown colored, viscous liquid, with a heavy floral, almost nauseatingly sweet, heavy and somewhat spicy odor, reminiscent of honeysuckle, peru balsam, orange flower absolute, ylang ylang residue fractions, stephanotis flowers, etc. The odor also has some resemblance to longoza absolute.

Tuberose absolute is used in high-class floral perfumes of heaviest and sweetest types: frangipani, stephanotis, caprifolium, lilac, heliotrope, gardenia, violet, and in the heaviest oriental types, opoponax, in fantasy perfumes, etc.

Battaglia says

While Tuberose absolute is not used in aromatherapy, it has plenty of psychic and subtle energy uses. It has a definite narcotic effect, and some feel it can calm strong emotions, promote motivation and enthusiasm, and invite love into one’s life.

Consider blending it with jasmine, rose and ylang ylang as well as heavy resins like peru balsam and opoponax

Safety Warning

As with most essential oils, dilute before using on skin. Perform a patch test before use if essential oil sensitivity is suspected. Do not take essential oils internally. Do not use on children or pets. Seek advice from a trained aromatherapist before using on people with compromised immune systems. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes.
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