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Osmanthus fragrans

Oleaceae family.

Absolute of Thai origin

Osmanthus is a rich floral absolute from the tiny flowers of a tree in the olive family commonly called “sweet olive” or “fragrant olive” and although this floral is usually associated with China and Japan it also grows in Mediterranean climates as well as being a relatively common garden entity throughout the American south.

The scent is strong clean and fruity/floral, with notes of apricot and pears.

Here’s what I said after meeting this absolutely crazy absolute for the first time:

It's gorgeous! Unbelievable! The idea that these tiny little delectable bursts of flower could join together in such overwhelming ambrosia.....it just boggles the mind. FYI-osmanthus is related to both jasmine and lilac!

This is also known as Sweet Olive and this oil is delicious, with apricot and pear juiciness! A must for any perfumer. Poor Mr. Arctander has nothing to say about this aromatic miracle as he had no experience with it. What does osmanthus "do?" No idea! It doesn't have to do anything! It's a big bursting floral with velvety tones of apricot and peach and green leaves of love! Really, you want an individual, assertive, exceptional absolute to play with? Osmanthus. Enough said.

Aroma of Sweet Osmanthus

Jade dew cold and shadows of pines mottled
Golden wind cool and aroma of sweet osmanthus floating
The setting sun set down the west mountain slowly
The bright moon hanged on the green willow tip leisurely





by Luo Zhihai


Birds-Chirping Brook

At leisure, I watch osmanthus blooms fall;
Silent night, serene are the Spring hills all.
Full moon rises, waking birds in the hills;
Now and then, birds still chirp 'round the Spring rill.

【鳥鳴澗】 ·王維





 by Wang Wei (701-761)
Translated by Frank CYue

Arctander says

Not a lot, as noted above. Let us remember that Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin was written in 1960 and the world was vastly different. He says he had no experience at all with Osmanthus and perfumery. He does mention that Osmanthus blossoms are used to perfume teas.


Safety Warning

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1 Review

17th Aug 2019

Osmanthus uses

The flower drank as a tea is said to be good for digestive issues, antidepressants, euphoric, and also very good with upper respiratory infections. However, I am not sure about the claims. It’s always very pleasant to smell it. It’s uplifting, and calming anxiety at the same time. Certain group of lady swears by it,, and can’t get the authentic Osmanthus.. so this is the place to get it.

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