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Rose absolute

Rosa centifolia

Also known as Rose de Mai

Our rose absolute is solvent extracted in the Berber lands of southern Morocco, from Rose flower concrete.

Roses for essential oil and absolute production are generally harvested in April-May, with variations depending on the weather.

This is our special Rose centifolia and it’s a very fragrant and “rosy” oil, suitable for perfume and skincare as well as aromatherapy, of course! There is nothing to rival the sweet seductive regal redolence of rose.

Rose expands our awareness and faith.

Rose is known for her affinity for the heart.

Above all, rose is a balm to the soul.

Roses were originally cultivated in ancient Persia, and then the areas encompassing modern Pakistan, Iran, and India. Cultivation then spread across Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and into Greece and Bulgaria. Today we find commercial rose harvests almost world-wide, including Bulgaria, France, Morocco, Egypt, and the Arabian Peninsula to name a few. Morocco has a well established rose industry, with many farms, and a special relationship with the roses, who love growing there, as is obvious.


Arctander says:

The absolute is orange/yellow/brownish thick and viscous liquid, which has a rich and sweet, deep-rosy, very tenacious odor. The spicy tonalities are usually less pronounced, while the honeylike notes can be described as similar to those of damascena absolute.

Blends well with jasmine, cassie, mimosa, orange flower, and other florals, many synthetic perfume materials, and modifying essential oils such as bergamot, clary sage, geranium, sandalwood, guaiacwood, patchouli, etc.

Rose centifolia absolute has excellent tenacity and soft radiation, making it economical, especially compared to Rose damascene absolute.


Battaglia says:

Rose oil is referred to as a gentle but potent anti-depressant. Rose oil may be used as a sedative for the nerves; it’s useful in the treatment of palpitations, irritability and insomnia. It helps to release anger, despair and frustration.

It opens the heart and soothes feelings such as anger, fear and anxiety.

For aromatherapy blending, to alleviate anxiety, nervous tension and stress, consider blending rose absolute or rose essential oil with bergamot, roman chamomile, clary sage, geranium, lavender, mandarin, sweet orange, patchouli, petitgrain, sandalwood, vetiver or ylang ylang.

For mature dry skin conditions, consider blending rose absolute with frankincense, lavender, myrrh, patchouli, or sandalwood


Steffen Arctander—Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin


Salvatore Battaglia-The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third edition Volume 1.

Safety Warning

As with most essential oils, dilute before using on skin. Perform a patch test before use if essential oil sensitivity is suspected. Do not take essential oils internally. Do not use on children or pets. Seek advice from a trained aromatherapist before using on people with compromised immune systems. Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes.
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2 Reviews

Deirdra R Kearney 16th Sep 2022

Gentle Rose

This essential oil is so gently uplifting that, before you realize it, you find yourself smiling and able to go through your day with ease. The aroma is light and most pleasant. Highly recommended.

Claudine-Michèle 28th Sep 2020


The scent is magnificent and lush. It is most definitely a mood lifter!

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