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Perfumer Sampler


A sample of all 5 of our natural perfumes in 3ml sizes.

1 Review

MJ 10th Aug 2023

General sampler with exquisite quality

When I opened this lovely box, I immediately brought out the Oud sampler. This is a luxury item that I was delightedly surprised to see in the sampler, and used one very tiny spray on my wrist and rubbed them together to settle into my own chemistry. Oud sparks for me fond memories of family, culture, warmth and spiritual connection. Oud is used for many things by SWANA cultures (Southwest Asia and North Africa also loosely and inaccurately referred to as the middle east), and its complexity is honored impeccably in this perfume. I didn't have to assess the scent, because its authenticity bypassed my reasoning brain and brought back vivid memories (smell is our strongest sense, after all). Two hours later, and that single tiny spray is still producing a scent. Oud has a deep, dark, warm, woodsy aroma that is complex and earthy. This is the only perfume I've tested that has successfully captured the full Oud natural profile. The four other samplers are not to be ignored. I haven't tried them on my skin yet, but just like Oud, it is difficult to find rose, jasmine, frankincense, and amber at this level. I've searched especially for rose and jasmine, and this is the first time I had an "aahhhhh" response as soon as I held them near my nose. Creating a perfume with this level of sophistication in honoring and maintaining the integrity of each of these delightful fragrances is a labor or love and experience, and a very very good nose. Thank you for sharing these. It is deeply appreciated.

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