Frankincense Powder

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Frankincense Powder

Boswellia sacra

 16 ounces

Made at our own frankincense distillery in Muscat, Oman.

There are 4 frankincense species shown to have boswellic acids--a compound often seen as a supplement for joint pain and inflammation. One of these is Boswellia sacra, Oman's own Frankincense. The others are Serrata (India), Carterii (actually the same as sacra, usually referred to as Somali), and Frereana (also Somalia).

Frankincense has plenty of constituents, of different weights, different actions, different chemical make-ups. When we distill frankincense, we use gentle heat, via steam, to remove the volatile components as efficiently as possible. These are what form the essential oil and hydrosol. All other constituents remain behind in the still.

After distillation, which removes the volatiles (terpenes, terpenols, ethers, etc, i.e. essential oil and hydrosol), the heavier molecules remain behind as they don't come over in the steam.

We dry our new, deconstructed frankincense, in the heat of the Arabian sun, alternating between drying and pounding finally milling it into a fine and uniform powder.

Our lab reports indicate presence of beta-boswellic acids, 11-keto-beta-boswellic acids, and the highly sought after 3-acetyl-11-keto-beta boswellic acids (AKBA) in our spent resin, and this is the powder.

This powder can be used in skincare, as a scrub or mask, preferably with an oil, as it will become sticky if mixed with water. It's good as incense in handmade agarbattis or cones, or as part of a ritualistic incense mix such as kyphi. It might find a good use in handmade soap--we have not yet tried this--the product is still new. Add to coffee or other brewable herbs; it will need to be strained.

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2 Reviews

Darcy Jordan 7th Dec 2020

Frankincense powder

Kimberley 30th Jun 2020

Fantastic product

This product is fantastic. It has a nice smell and provides great relief to tired and sore muscles and make for a great massage oil I have purchased several times

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