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Frankincense and Cancer

dsc-0115.jpgFrankincense and Cancer

There’s a lot of hubbub these days with talk of frankincense being a cure for cancer.

I am aware that there are various reports all over the internet on frankincense’s efficacy against certain kinds of tumors. Please understand that this has not been proven nor even seriously researched, to my knowledge. I realize that some essential oil companies promote frankincense as a cancer treatment, but that is only a cheap shot at a quick profit and I will stand by that statement.

We are not allowed by law, nor by our own ethical standards, to claim frankincense is a cure for any cancer, no matter what the circumstances.

There most certainly are stories of people who have spontaneously gone into remission while using frankincense, but there is no proof that it was the frankincense that did it.  No proof at all.

I am perfectly aware that allopathic medicine has a lot of faults and I totally agree, but that doesn’t mean that someone who repudiates it and claims to have a cure for cancer, does. There are a lot of fakers out there.

Traditional use of frankincense as a stomach tonic in Southern Oman consists of allowing green frankincense resin to macerate overnight in water and then drinking the water in the morning. But this has nothing to do with cancer. It’s a traditional Dhofari way to ease an upset stomach.

Frankincense essential oil can be of great benefit for anyone going through cancer treatment, but it can’t be your treatment. If you have a recent cancer diagnosis, please discuss your treatment plan with your oncologist.  Even though the usual options for cancer treatment—surgery, radiation and chemotherapy—are unpleasant and scary to contemplate, they are proven, and you should most definitely discuss your options with your medical team. If you choose a different route, then take care to engage holistic medical professionals, and do not chase cancer testimonials on google. It will not serve you. Try to remain calm.  

Frankincense essential oil can help you relax, it’s a great aid to meditation, and it can be a comforting presence in uncertain times, but it’s not going to shrink your tumor. And it’s not going to help with radiation burns. Better to save your frankincense oil for after treatment, and use the product the radiologist recommends for the burns. Once your treatment is over, you will associate the smell of whatever you use, with feeling tired and sick. Better to not subject your frankincense to that.  Once the burn starts to fade, which it will rapidly once the course of radiation is over, then you can make something delicious with frankincense, and it will be better and happier and lovely and your guide back to normalcy.

We are an essential oil store, not a medical clinic. Please do not ask us for an easy cancer cure. We can’t prescribe, or diagnose, and even if we could, we wouldn’t.

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