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  • Caraway Caraway


    Carum Carvi

    Caraway Essential Oil This is rye bread. The seeds are traditionally used for stomach disorders. You can also use (very carefully) as a flavor. Product Information Carum Carvi Apiaceae family Organically grown and distilled in Holland from ripe, dried...
    from $10.95 - $31.47
  • Cardamom Cardamom


    Elettaria cardamomum

    Cardamom Essential Oil Theis beautiful essential oil can be a perfect warm, sweet and spicy addition to a perfume accord, an aromatherapy blend, or a dessert, or even a curry. Product information Elettaria cardamomum Zingiberaceae family Steam distilled...
    from $23.26 - $124.52
  • Carnation absolute Carnation absolute

    Carnation absolute

    Dianthus caryophyllus

    Carnation Absolute Carnation absolute is a powerful floral note with big personality. Use in floral accords, or any aromatic blend you want, that needs this floral note. Accordint to Arctander, below, the ideal home for carnation absolute is among other...
    from $84.84 - $223.05
  • Carrot Seed Carrot Seed

    Carrot Seed

    Daucus carota

    Carrot Seed Essential Oil This is the distilled oil, from seeds. It's quite earthy in scent, and is considered a great oil for facial care. Mostly used in aromatherapy and skin care. Product information Daucus carota Umbelliferae family Grown and...
    from $24.63 - $138.21
  • Catnip 50% off Catnip 50% off

    Catnip 50% off

    Nepeta cataria.

    Catnip Essential Oil Use in a blend along with lemongrass, geranium, thyme and rosemary, to freshen a space. Product Information Nepeta cataria. Distilled in Spain. Organically grown. Cats may or may not like this.    
    from $14.37 - $75.26
  • Cedar, Altas Cedar, Altas

    Cedar, Altas

    Cedrus atlantica

    Atlas Cedar Essential Oil This essential oil is warming and calming, with a wonderful woody energy.Useful for perfumery and also aromatherapy. Product Information Cedrus atlantica Pinaceae family Harvested and distilled in Morocco True cedar. If you...
    from $8.89 - $23.26
  • Cedar, Virgina Cedar, Virgina

    Cedar, Virgina

    Juniperus virginiana

    Virginia Cedar Essential Oil This essential oil is usually considered a fixative, and anti-moth. It's a very easy oil to work with in perfumery, as the sweet and soft wood scent is widly applicable. Product information Juniperus virginiana Cupressaceae...
    from $8.21 - $20.53
  • Celery Seed 50% off Celery Seed 50% off

    Celery Seed 50% off

    Apium graveolins

    Celery Seed Essential Oil Distilled in India for organically grown plant material. Some people use this essential oil in blends for bloating and digestive issues. Product Information Apium graveolins India The FDA has not evaluated this essential oil...
    from $14.37 - $22.24
  • Chamomile, German Chamomile, German

    Chamomile, German

    Matricaria recutita

    German Chamomile Essential Oil Slightly disfferent botaniacally from the Roman, the German Chamomile shares a lot of its attributes. Again, in skincare, aromatherapy blends, and perfumery, this is a good oil to work with and a beautiful deep blue color...
    from $47.89 - $260.00
  • Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Roman

    Chamomile, Roman

    Anthemis nobilis

    Roman Chamomile Essential oil Fresh, happy, gentle and relaxing, this oil is at home in aromatherapy style blends and also in perfumery. It has a place as a flavor, too, although usually the herb is used in infusion. But the essential oil will work as...
    from $26.00 - $147.79
  • Champaka Absolute Champaka Absolute

    Champaka Absolute

    Michella champaka

    Champaka Absolute Major huge floral filled with personality, energy, and it knows it. This is a must for any perfumer, or blender. Product information Michella champaka Grown and solvent extracted in Southern India A type of Magnolia--these are yellow...
    from $93.05 - $210.73
  • Chaste Tree ( Vitex ) Chaste Tree ( Vitex )

    Chaste Tree ( Vitex )

    Vitex agnus castus

    Chaste Tree Essential Oil Super popular essential oil associated with womens (hormonal) issues, traditionally used in aromatherapy with chamomile, rose, etc. Product Information Vitex agnus castus Verbenaceae family Bosnia origin, harvested and steam...
  • Cilantro Cilantro


    Coriandrum satvium

    Cilantro Essential Oil This is exactly what it seems. Aromatherapy, in digestive blends; in perfume, it's up to you. It's really an amazing and assertive oil Product Description Coriandrum satvium Organically grown and distilled in Egypt. Technicolor...
    from $27.37 - $132.73
  • Cinnamon Bark Cinnamon Bark

    Cinnamon Bark

    Cinnamonum zelanicum

    Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil This is a strong, delicious, spicy-sweet oil--perfect for perfumery, aromatherapy, culinary.......but not directly on the skin, And not in the bath. This oil will also evoke memories, emotions....maybe more than others, due...
    from $23.26 - $67.05
  • Cinnamon Leaf Cinnamon Leaf

    Cinnamon Leaf

    Cinnamonum zerylanicum

    Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil This is a different oil than the cinnamon bark. It's smells a bit like clove leaf (not clove bud.) It's more affordable than cinnamon bark, and has a strong place in blends, but it's not a substitution for the bark oil--you...
    from $10.95 - $28.74

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