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  • Ambrette CO2 Ambrette CO2

    Ambrette CO2

    Abelmoschus moschatus

    Ambrette Seed CO2 Ambrette seed CO2 is a clean carbon dioxide extraction from Hibiscus flowers. This is usually a perfumers ingredient as it adds a sweet, musk, animalic note. Product Information Abelmoschus moschatus We have a new, Peruvian CO2 of this...
    from $227.73 - $569.32
  • Amyris Amyris


    Amyris balsamifera

    Amyris Essential Oil Sometimes called West Indian sandalwood, it's a nice oil in its own right. Can impart a soft woody aspect when used as part of a topical blend Product Information Amyris balsamifera  Farmed in West Indies, usually Hispaniola,...
    from $36.73 - $99.17
  • Angelica Root Angelica Root

    Angelica Root

    Angelica archangelica

    Angelica Root Essential Oil Angelica root is organically grown and distilled in Spain. Its complete aroma profile extends easily into taste and one finds Angelica as a fixitive in the cocktail world as well as the world of perfume Product...
    from $66.11 - $308.53
  • Anise Anise


    Pimpinella anisum

    Anise Seed Essential oil Steam distilled in Egypt from organically grown aniseed. Anisa is widly recognized as a brilliant digestive, as one can surmise from the wealth of liquors made with it. In aromatherapy, I always think of it with grapfruit,...
    from $58.77 - $168.96
  • Balsam of Storax Balsam of Storax

    Balsam of Storax

    Liquidambar styraciflua

    Balsam of Storax Also known as liquidamber. A brilliant perfume ingredient, the tone is floral, but also spicy--Zee says it's an absolute must for a hyacinth or lilac accord. Product Information Liquidambar styraciflua (aka Sweetgum) Wildcrafted and...
    from $58.77 - $315.88
  • Basil Basil


    Ocimum basicilicum Linalool

    Sweet Basil Essential Oil Organically grown and distilled in Egypt. Basil oil has lots of aromatherapy uses, for digestion, aches and pains, menstrual cramps, and even sinus congestion. It's suitable as a flavor (no more than one drop in a sauce) And...
    from $55.10 - $154.27
  • Beeswax Absolute Beeswax Absolute

    Beeswax Absolute

    Cera alba

    Beeswax Absolute A sweet note mixed with hay and a subtle sense of Honey. Beautiful in perfumes and any comfort inducing blend. Product information Cera alba  Grown and extracted in Morocco, from yellow beeswax, using an alcohol wash to separate the...
    from $110.19 - $213.03
  • Benzoin Benzoin


    Styrax benzoin

    Styrax benzoin resinoid. Styrax is harvested in a similar way to frankincense, and, if you stretch it, in a fraternal way to agarwood. it's a jungle extraction, and the resinoid is considered a perfume fixative--sweet, warm and vanilla tones. Product...
    from $51.42 - $138.84
  • Bergamot Bergamot


    Citrus bergamia

    Bergamot Essential Oil Green citrus note with a sharp mouth-watering bite, Bergamot oil is pressed from the peel, not distilled. Aromatically, it's always a happy addition, whether to a perfume, an aromatherapy blend, a dessert.... just don't wear it in...
    from $66.11 - $198.34
  • Bergamot Mint Bergamot Mint

    Bergamot Mint

    Mentha citrata

    Bergamot Mint essential oil This oil is a mint family exception, who's fresh, herbal and clean scent blends well with herbs and flowers in general. Product Information Mentha citrata Cultivated and steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of the very...
    from $66.11 - $198.34
  • Black Currant Bud Absolute Black Currant Bud Absolute

    Black Currant Bud Absolute

    Ribes nigram

    Black Currant Bud Absolute This is purely a perfume ingredtial--it's solid and difficult to work with, but its spicy, woody juiceness makes all forgiven. Product Information Ribes nigram Please note: this is a perfumers ingredient--it's not a pourable...
  • Black Pepper Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    Piper nigrum

    Black Pepper Essential Oil Organically grown and distilled in Sri Lanka, black pepper is familiar to almost all of us. With a warm spicy body, it loves to be included in spicy, warm blends, winter treats, and food, of course. Product Information Piper...
    from $78.97 - $429.74
  • Blue Tansy Blue Tansy

    Blue Tansy

    Tanacetum annum

    Blue Tansy Essential Oil This very popular oil is organically grown and distilled in Morocco. It's used very often in skin care, particularly face creams and the like, but at very low dilutions. Product Information Tanacetum annum Our Blue Tansy...
    from $124.88 - $238.75
  • Boronia Abs. Boronia Abs.

    Boronia Abs.

    Boronia megastigma

    Boronia Absolute An astonishingly beautiful rich floral addition with a warm woody sweet charcter with intense berry tones. Used mainly in perfumery. Product Information Boronia megastigma Rutaceae family Native to Australia, and cultivated mostly in...
    from $275.48 - $642.78
  • Buddhawood Buddhawood


    Eremophila mitchellii

    Buddha Wood Essential Oil A hard-working wood from Australia, this oil is sometimes compared to Australian Sandalwood but with a smokier body. Buddhawood is an asset in both aromatherapy and perfumery. Read Below. Product Information Eremophila...
    from $66.11 - $124.88

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