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 NYC is dealing with the current situation. At this point, Governor Cuomo has asked that everyone stay inside and socially distance themselves in order to get a handle on the pandemic. We support these measures. Our online store is open again, for shipping when the wave has passed, the situation eases, and we are able to send these orders. We totally appreciate your support—and your patience. For 24 years we have been bathing in aromatic bliss in Greenwich Village. This is the way we can stay strong, and come out the other side.

 This will be a leap of faith on your part, as we honestly don’t know when we will be able to send your order. But this is New York, and we will be the first place up, and running, and strong. Orders over $100 will receive a free bottle of frankincense oil! Gift certificates are also available, with those over $100 including a free bottle of frankincense essential oil. And you will be helping a small business survive.

 What better way to celebrate the end of the pandemic than with an order of natural aromatics that’s already been paid for!?

 Lets all do our part now to help isolate and starve the virus.

 That means taking a cue from the Frankincense trees, and isolate.


 We stand with Governor Cuomo and we stand with New York.







Check out this excellent interview with our founder Trygve Harris


Conversations with the Artisan--Basenotes



Enfleurage is New York's first and only store specializing in Aromatics from the Natural World

We import directly from distilleries, bringing in sparkling essential oils from 6 continents.

We distill our own frankincense at Enfleurage Middle East, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Nothing is added to our oils and hydrosols.

When you breathe in an Enfleurage essential oil, you are breathing in its soul. Purely.



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