White Frankincense Resin, Howjary

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Frankincense Resin (Howjary)

Boswellia sacra

This frankincense resin is from Southern Oman. It's traditionally smoldered on charcoal and the smoke cleans the air, clears the energy, repels insects, covers cooking smells, and freshens clothers and hair.

In Oman a smoking brazier is passed around after a meal, and a bit of chitchat, to let everyone refresh themselves with the smoke, and also to gently say it's been fun, have a nice evening!

1 oz. jar


2 Reviews

21st Dec 2020

Amazing quality of Frankincense resin.

Smelling the smoke of this resin is such a joyful experience.

26th Jun 2020


You can smell that this is grown higher.

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