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Our Sleep Blend has been around for over 25 years--and how perfect to ahve it available as a roll-on. Keep on your bedside table, or in the bathroom or wherever you prepare your nightly toilette.

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These oils were chosen on the basis of what we found to be as relaxing as possible, paving the way for a restful night, and now in a roll on. Knock yourself out!

Apply to the wrists and temples and relax into a blissful sleep. Lavender, tangerine, marjoram, chamomile, palmarosa and others, in a base of pure golden jojoba oil. 

Essential oils and jojoba made from organically grown plant material

Comes in a .3 oz/10 ml roller

1 Review

Flor Zatarain 2nd Apr 2021

great aroma

This is the aroma I was looking for and I am very happy for it!

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