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Immortelle Hydrosol

Here is the description of the essential oil, in points possibly relevent to the hydrosol.

This is a hydrosol, though, and by definition the consistuents are different from those in the essential oil. Remember, the hydrosol is what separates from the essential oil during distillation. Its aromatherapeutic uses might coincide, might dovetail, might be greater or less than the essential oil.


Helichrysum italicum

Asteraceae family

Native to the Mediterranean region Organically grown in Corsica/Italy

This is truely a superstar. Helichrysum is well known for its spectacular uses in wound healing etc, and it's beguiling, with an unmistakable, honey-like scent.

The yield is quite low, with a ton of flowers producing hyabout a kilo of oil.

Comes in a 4 oz/120 ml glass spray bottle.


1 Review

Barbara K. Riering 6th Aug 2022

I adore this product

I use it for everything. Under and over moisture lotion. For quick pick me up during the day. To cool down on the hot days of summer. It is just plain perfect.

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