Frankincense concentrate

Made with our own Omani Boswellia sacra, straight from Enfleurage Middle East distillery in Muscat, we are pleased and honored to present another form of frankincense.

During distillation, the water soluble parts of frankincense leave the pot as steam, turning into vapor, and back to a liquid as it drips out of the still, separating into essential oil and hydrosol. These two different liquids cannot possibly get along enough to merge but can co-exist  happily.

This could be enough; it has been enough for years! Perfumes, skin care, baths, lotions, creams, aromatherapy, meditation, not to mention ice cream, cake, candy….anywhere there’s milk, cream, any oil, clay, salts, or alcohol, frankincense is there, willing and able, eminently suitable and smoothly luscious, stepping in perfectly, deliciously, appropriately, sublimely.

Yet, there was more, there is more.

These water soluble parts are only a percentage of frankincense. There’s a whole other world waiting inside that resin, ready to explode out at the first opportunity, but it needs oil to do it: vegetable oil, nut oil; it has to be a fat. Only a fat can invite it out. And I have to say I think this is very different than the affinity the essential oil has for cream. That’s a different kind of match made in heaven.

So after distillation we have this beautiful left over biomass. Remember, we don’t boil our frankincense under pressure. We slowly hydro-distill it. So the essential oils were coaxed out, not forced out. We let the left luban dry, and send it to our new California processing facility. Once there, we can grind it and introduce it to Fractionated Coconut Oil. Then we give them plenty of time to get to know each other.

Once the coconut oil is completely saturated, (this takes at least a month,) we carefully filter it; this takes several days. The oil is wonderful; it’s thicker yet still retains fractionated coconut’s lightness. The aroma is warm whole and dusky, like the first piece of fresh new howjary on coal. It smells complete somehow.

Boswellic acids are found in four frankincense species: B. sacra, carterii, serrata and papyrifera.

Boswellic acids are part of the Ayurvedic Material Medica

Boswellic acids are found in trace amounts in the essential oil.

There is plenty of Boswellic acids research, some links are listed below.

Boswellic acids are considered to have the following actions:

           •   anti-inflammatory

           •   skincare

           •   anti-tumor

We suggest you look at some of the published research if you are interested in Boswellic acids and their actions.

Boswellic acids are part of the constituents left behind after the essential oil extraction. We‘ve done a long gentle extraction in fractionated coconut oil to let as much of the biomass dissolve as possible. The resulting oil is magnificent, very active, with a soft, sweet yet powerful frankincense scent, and completely suitable for topical use.

Our frankincense concentrate and powder contain 34.8% Boswellic Acids

We recommend, if using the concentrate full strength, to use it over a small local area. If you wish to use it over a larger part of your body, then please dilute 10-20%. Try adding a few drops of frankincense oil; it will enhance the already delectable smell. You should feel free to experiment. It will also be lighter and easier to absorb in dilution.

And if you make an oil using the concentrate, then maybe consider adding a couple of drops of the essential oil too—the aroma will become even rounder, fuller and more complete. And that will be a fully bio-active and entirely complete and utterly whole frankincense oil.

Enfleurage frankincense concentrate contains no added ingredients. It’s just fractionated coconut oil and Boswellia sacra resin. There are no fillers, no essential oils, no preservatives, no nothing. Two ingredients and time.

Please note that this is made from our spent biomass at Enfleurage Middle East Frankincense distillery in Muscat, Oman. We don’t differentiate between black and white frankincense, even though we do have black and white essential oil. So please don’t ask if we do black or white resin cased concentrate. We don’t. The main differences between the black and white sacra can be found in the essential oil.

We also offer the powder.

This is the same resin we use to make our concentrate but we’ve ground it to a fine powder and if can be used to make your own concentrate, or add a little to a scrub or face mask. Or add it to your favorite moisturizer, body lotion, or massage oil. It will take time to dissolve, but you could try roughly 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per ounce of oil or cream.

 Frankincense and Myrrh Co-distillation

We distilled the finest black frankincense along with gorgeous Somali myrrh to make a delightful dual-personality oil. Myrrh is very difficult to separate out from the water after a distillation, but with frankincense there, he can bond to it and be carried out intact and easily. This beautiful oil is limited quantity, but he’s become one of the stars of the show.