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  • Pine, White Essential Oil, Organic, Quebec Pine, White

    Pine, White Essential Oil, Organic, Quebec

    Pinus strobus

    White Pine Pinus strobus Our White Pine is steam distilled from wild-gathered needles in the mountains of Quebec.  It has a slightly sweeter , fresh scent than the other pines. The tree itself is very large, and is even considered to the...
    from $15.43 - $40.25
  • Pink Peppercorn Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil, Peru

    Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil, Peru

    Schinus molle

    Pink Peppercorn Schinus molle Naitve to the Peruvian Andes, the name molle comes from the Quechua word for tree—mulli Schinus molle grows up through the Americas including in Southern California where you can see them lining the streets of some...
    from $36.22 - $187.82
  • Piñon Pine Essential Oil, Wildcrafted, USA Piñon Pine Essential Oil, Wildcrafted, USA

    Piñon Pine Essential Oil, Wildcrafted, USA

    Pinus edulis

    Piñon Pine - Pinus edulis - Wildcrafted & distilled in the U.S.   This is a very special oil that we've acquired a small amount of - (The trees) range is in Colorado, southern Wyoming, eastern and central Utah, northern Arizona, New...
    from $46.96 - $89.22

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