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Prunus dulcis

Rosaceae family

Cold pressed from organically grown plant material

Almond trees are native to the Middle East, and is grown today around the Mediterranean, in California, and similar climates.

Sweet almond is widely used--it can form the bulk of your carrier oil blend, as its absorbtion qualities make it a good choice for massage. It's pale yellow, and a bit viscous and oily.

Some of the generally acknowledged skin care properties are

As an emollient--excellent for dry skin

May soothe inflammation.

Soothes sunburns and frictional irritations

Is considered to be beneficial  to relieve itching of dry, red and scaly skin in cases involving eczema, psoriasis and  dermatitis.

It's worth noting that although this oil is GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe,) it does come from nuts and must be avoided entirely when nut allergies are present or suspected.

Sweet almond oil does not have the longest shelf life. Its longevity will depend on how you store it. But it should last for 4-6 months. Obviously, keep it as stable a temperature as possible, out of the sun, and away from heat. Stability is golden!

As with  any botanical product Generally Recognized As Safe, there is always the slight chance of a slight skin reaction. If you suspect this, it's always a good idea to perform a patch test.

Comes in an 4 oz/120 ml bottle with pump



1 Review

22nd Apr 2020

Great base

Love the ease of use of the pump. Great base for my oils.

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