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Olfactive Recovery Kit Instructions

Welcome to our instruction page for using your kit to help recover your sense of smell

It’s best to take a self-assessment to see just how your sense of smell is impaired.

 Many thanks to Abscent and for more information, have a look at their website 

They recommend a Self assessment 

Sit quietly where you can concentrate without interruptions.

Open a bottle and breathe in the vapor. You can also use this with a scent strip, in which case, let a drop or two imbue the paper.

Try to pay as much attention to what you’re doing, as you can. Focus on the oil you are smelling. Try to visualize the plant, or fruit.

Sit quietly with the scent and breathe it in for a couple of minutes, concentrating all the while. Then go to the next fragrance. Don’t forget to close the cap!

It’s recommended to spend a few minutes on this exercise twice daily, going through each of the five scents. You should make a habit of it; your sense of smell might take a long time to return.

Be prepared - it will take time, this is not a quick fix.

You can keep your kit where you will notice it twice a day, and remember to do your exercises.

Try not to get discouraged if your sense of smell doesn’t come back immediately. It can take time, but it has a good chance of returning. Keep your eyes on the prize!