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Frankincense-Don't Panic

Don’t Panic!

In future we will not be offering black and white frankincense oil.

And the price is going down!

Please don’t panic!

Here’s the deal

Long ago, at our distillery in Salalah, Oman, we bought resin from different suppliers, none of which was a reliable source. Consequently, we got varying qualities of resin—at one point we had very white resin and also some very black resin. They GC’d very differently, and I decided they should be differentiated. As time passed, it became an occasional thing to get the full black and the full white resin for our production. And the cost is very high.

The distillery is now in Muscat—we have an excellent supplier of very fresh, sustainably sourced resin. The resin is very gooey and leaks through the bags during transport. Normally resin is dried, as the main use is for burning. No need for us to buy dried resin now—our reliable supplier makes sure we have oozing fresh frankincense and a sweeter, more complex oil, and a lower price for our customers.

The resin is a mix—often it looks black, with veins of white, and this is not separated. Other times it's golden.  It goes into the pot as is. We no longer distill back and white separately and we will not be doing it again. Now we are finishing up the last of the black and white frankincense essential oils and once they run out, we will have one Frankincense essential oil only, just Frankincense.

Here are a couple of pictures of what it looks like--