Distillation Station

As some of you know, we own and operate our frankincense distillery in Muscat, Oman, where we have access to the best, juiciest, most fragrant and delicious Omani gum/resin. Boswellia sacra, that’s all we do. We started in 2008, in Salalah, with one single alembic, and made it official in 2011, growing to 5 stills.

In 2016 we shifted to Muscat, where we remain today, in our small and sturdy distillery by the sea, using 10 copper alembics in a closed and renewable system, that generates very little waste. We reprocess our spent plant material to harvest the non-water soluble parts, including the Boswellic Acids, which is then infused into a base oil to make our unique Frankincense Concentrate .™

Please see our website, and enquire. 2020 & 2021 were both excellent frankincense years. We even have kilos available in both Oman and New York—shipping available now from New York and for pick up in Muscat or by bus to other Omani cities.

Additionally, we make a plethora of frankincense expressions Have a look at our Frankincense page and we will have some surprises coming this year.