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Frankincense Black

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Boswellia sacra

Gathered and distilled in the Sultanate of Oman

This is our highly sought-after, utterly delightful Omani Frankincense oil. It's beautiful, unmistakably Omani, with those sweet floral sparkles in their crackling pine-like forest. You'll smell the desert, the wadis, the thin and papery frankincense bark glowing in the sun, and the heart and desire of the tree herself. Inhaling this oil invites a direct and intense journey within. This oil is distilled with love, by me, in copper, in Salalah, Dhofar, in Southern Oman, in the land of Frankincense.

Enfleurage frankincense (Boswellia sacra) oil is known for the sweet sparkling butterfly spice notes and hint of orange (never lemon.) Threading through this are the resinous piney and fresh crisp green textures. As you breathe in a lungful of our frankincense oil you can feel its expansive, grounding and liberating effervesince vibrating throughout your body. From your lungs through your bloodstream, and into your mind and mood, this oil, the heart of Dhofar, will calm, smooth, and center you.

I do not wish to make any medical claims about frankincense; will leave that up to the researchers and google. The only things I can comment on are those effects well and widely known and accepted. Frankincense is great for the stomach; it has been used for this in Dhofar throughout antiquity. It’s known to help focus the mind and help ease one into a meditative state. Frankincense is also known for its skin care properties--used on mature, tired, or environmentally challenged skin, the beneficial effects are clear.

Frankincense is known to be good or great for meditation, relaxation, focus, spiritual connections, respiratory, wound healing, and against stomach tumors. It's also the perfect thing for mature skin, mis-treated skin, and scars

Nothing is added to our oil and hydrosols. No preservatives, no isolates, no “enhancers”, no alcohol. When you breathe in Enfleurage Frankincense oil, you are breathing in its soul. Purely.



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