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Our Distillery


Enfleurage Middle East sits nestled in the green farmland east of Salalah, Sultanate of Oman.





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We specialize in small, water distillations of Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) and Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha.) We don't use distill under pressure. Our alembic stills are copper, hand made in Portugal, using the traditional Arabic gooseneck design. We use pure local spring water in all our distillations.

We distill locally sourced gum, all Dhofari, and of all types. Usually we distill what is fresh and available in the market. But we will also custom distill resin for anyone interested in a specific quality (for example, green.) Prices for frankincense essential oil will vary depending on the raw material used. Our usual, house oil is made from frankincense sourced from the Mughsayl area.

Our distillery has a small visitor center and welcomes visitors by appointment only as our distillation hours change regularly. A visit to the Enfleurage distillery is a sense-oriented experience and there are plenty of opportunities for smelling and tasting.

Enfleurage is, to my knowledge, the only distillery in the Middle East making frankincense oil in this traditional way.

Our process is carefully monitored and done by hand, to encourage and draw out the best notes of each batch of frankincense gum. Just as people and flowers vary in their personal identities, so do the frankincense batches. We do not make industrial grade oil, and our batches can differ a little depending on the origin of the gum and time of harvest.

We distill the freshest, sweetest gum available and this varies in origin throughout the year. From the Mughsayl wadis to the mountains behind Hasik, the nicest, freshest, most aromatic gum finds its way into our stills; the aroma slowly coaxed out over low heat, preserving the fragile, more volatile notes along with the well recognized scents normally associated with frankincense. We also do custom distillations, if a specific frankincense is requested.

Our Frankincense Essential Oil and Myrrh Hydrolat are now available at the Rotana Resort, Salalah Beach


Looking for us? Please call +968 2205 2003 or 9592 3772 to arrange a visit.

email: trygve@enfleurage.com 

Directions: from the airport roundabout, drive towards Sa'ada, straight at the next roundabout, past Salalah Cold Stores on the left, turn left into Sa'ada, take the first right, and we are on the left.

By Taxi? Go to Al Mashoor Shopping center and call us.

Completely lost? Just call us. 9592 3772 Happens all the time; it's no problem.

GPS: 17°02'20.07" N  54°08'59.75" E


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